AUTHORfocus for Self-Publishing Authors

With our AUTHORfocus editorial services you will

Make Your Vision a Reality
Adept AUTHORfocus is the self-publishing author’s ally, providing professional, personal service to make your great idea into a great book.

Meet Your Editor
Team up with an editor with expertise in your book’s field. Share your editorial needs and collaborate to make a plan to bring your book to life. You will be introduced to and work directly with an individual whose only goal is to make your book the absolute best it can be.
Get Direct Consultation
No middlemen! Adept AUTHORfocus provides you with an in-house editor who refines your manuscript and connects with you for one-to-one feedback on all aspects of book production, from conception to reception.
Bring It to Life
Adept AUTHORfocus puts skilled designers and permissions researchers to work for you. Photos? Graphs? Charts? Abstract art? Adept AUTHORfocus elegantly brings those elements together, helping you make your book beautiful inside and out.

Give It to the World
Adept AUTHORfocus offers a full complement of printing and eBook conversion options. Whether you prefer print, digital distribution, or both, we have you covered.