Editorial Services

AUTHOR focus: Editorial Services

Our AUTHOR focus team will consult with you and direct you throughout copyediting, editorial review, proofreading, and index preparation to satisfy your needs.

Read-through edit: $0.009/word
This service provides a final read-through for grammar, punctuation, spelling, and simple mistakes but does not include issues like transitions, wording, consistency, or fact checking.

Comprehensive edit: $0.017/word
This service provides a thorough line edit with comments and recommendations on transitions, phrasing, sequencing, and fact checking, as needed. You will also receive a letter that will summarize the major issues in the book that need to be addressed in order to have a publication-ready manuscript. Then we perform a second-pass edit of new and revised material to ensure that your manuscript is ready for publication.

Developmental edit: $0.055/word
A developmental edit provides comprehensive support during the process of creating a book for an author who needs structural, large-scale recommendations and examples of how to proceed with issues like character development, dialogue, description, and pacing in fiction and cohesion, clarity, development, and style in nonfiction. Once the manuscript is complete, a comprehensive edit and read-through edit will be provided.

Proofreading: $.009/word
A sense or cold-read of the typeset copy is recommended to further refine your title. Our proofreaders refine the grammar, punctuation, spelling, and correct simple mistakes.

Index preparation: Quoted by title
Our indexers prepare a combined name and subject index that includes the substantive discussions of the key topics in your title. Typically, 2-level indexes are recommended. Concordances can also be prepared.

Permissions research: Quoted by title
Our permissions editors will assist you with logging and acquiring the permissions needed for your title for both print and electronic distribution, as requested. Photo research is also available.