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About Us

Adept Content Solutions enlists experienced project managers, proofreaders, editors, artists, typesetters, and programmers to consult with our contacts throughout each assignment to define and deliver comprehensive book and eBook production services.

Identifying staff members who have strong language skills and subject matter expertise is our priority. Our language expertise includes Chinese, Greek, Hebrew, Latin, and Spanish. 
We frequently assist authors who use English as their second language.

To date, we have assisted with over 600 titles in the following areas:


Library Reference


Meet Lori Martinsek

While visiting an uncle in the printing business on Saturdays during my grade school years, I learned to set hot metal type. During my teaching career I authored an education series. I was hooked on publishing as a career. Throughout my varied roles as a teacher, product developer, operations manager, and sales director, I have designed copy and planned publications.

Over the last 30 years, I have assisted publishers—including Berlitz, Britannica, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, Kaplan, Kumon, McGraw-Hill, Merriam-Webster, Microsoft Press, MIT Press, Pearson, Research Education Association, Rowman & Littlefield, The University of California at Berkeley Press, Wiley, Wolters Kluwer, The World Bank, and Worldbook—to prepare database content and titles for both print and electronic delivery. I have facilitated a wide range of titles for education, reference, and trade publishers.

Currently, I consult with publishers to extend their editorial, design, production, and conversion resources. Each plan is based on defining clear objectives and delivering solutions that incorporate the highest editorial standards and file formats for immediate and future needs.